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Need junk removal in Dupont PA?

Look no further than NEPA Junk Haulers!

Book Dupont Junk Removal

Junk pickup near you in Dupont, PA

If you’ve got junk lying around your home, your business, your warehouse, or one of your rental properties, there’s only one solution… book an appointment today and say goodbye to clutter!


  •  Just fill out our short contact form to reach out to us right away with your service inquiry.

  • Want to speak to an employee directly? Then dial 570-500-5296 to get started immediately.

Do you have junk in Dupont, PA?  Would you rather not waste your weekend hauling it to the dump on your own? Then NEPA Junk Haulers is the company for you!


    • Full-service. We’ll do all the work, from start to finish. You just watch, and you never have to lift a finger.

    • Disposal. After loading up our truck, we’ll deal with the disposal process. This means that you’re done as soon as we head out.

    • Eco-friendly. We also sort collected junk for recyclables and for donatable goods. This way, we can reduce waste.

    • Ready to serve. You can get started by booking an appointment today. We even offer same-day and next-day appointments.

How much does junk removal in Dupont, PA cost?

Pricing on junk removal is never an easy question to answer. Luckily at NEPA Junk Haulers we provide free estimates for junk removal in Dupont, Pittston, and more. If you like the price, we will haul your trash away on the spot.

We remove any and all types of junk from your home, yard, basement, attic, or office. Don't forget to call your favorite junk haulers in Dupont!!

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